Hada Samadon Ayangba

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A poem by B Jayentakumar Sh, performed by Mangka and translated by Bijoykumar Tayenjam


Hada samadon ayangba
Marjing laigi khongnetsha
Heingang chingda khubamya

Yanggoi riba langgoi sha
Kouge nangbu Chinglemba
Sagal tufang lamba sha

Thawai hap thingjanu mikup mihun thing jalu
Adungei asibana samadonbu tharak khiba
Malem ase karam no leisem nungsen yararoi

Atiyana semkhiba khoyum khoiji nungdagi
Chingu Marjing thoi thoibana samadon bu thakhiba
Natte nanangbu puthanaba

Natte lourang suba sing
Huyen langsang mayok shani
Lamjen khurup yangba sha

Arambai ge khutsuna Meiteina awabu ngamkhiba
Langgoi nangi napalna lanngam firal thetkhiba.
Khunung sei sak seirol da ngasi faoba seithari.

Nangbu tongnga chinguna sagol khangjei sanaba
Khoyum laigi haktaktei ngasi faoba kaidari
Malem sinna khangkhiba Meitei sagol lampeini.

Hada samadon ayangba
Marjing laigedi khongnetsha
Hada samadon ayangba

Yoibu yoihen talliba sanou naha panggal ba
Nungcbi u sagolbu thoujal bi yu makhoibu
Sagol kangjei yokhatsi mingchat uron khillammu!

Translated by Bijoykumar Tayenjam

O Shamaton Ayangba[1]! Mount of Lord Marjing[2]
Choosing Heingnag hill as your abode and staying there, O Riding animal!
Let me call you ‘Chinglemba, the graceful animal’ that once had wings.
To uproot sword beans and put a stop to multiplying of humans
Lord Ashiba[3] had once sent Shamaton
‘Alas, what has befallen on the Earth, no creation of life would be possible!’
The one Lord Atiya[4] brought forth from His navel
Lord Marjing Khoikhoiba had captured Shamaton
You are not beast of burden, nor animal for ploughing fields
You are for fighting in battlefields, O animal of great speed!
With the help of Arambai [5]weapon the Meities had defeated Ava[6]
O Riding animal, with your help, the flag of victory was flown.
The story is narrated till today in ballads.
Gods played polo riding on your back
The tradition is kept alive from antiquity when gods reigned till date
It is known all over the world only because of you, Manipuri Pony.
O valiant youths striving for the betterment
Please love the ponies, please be kind to them
Let’s encourage and promote Polo, and make it immortal!

[1] Shamaton Ayangba - A mythical winged horse, believed to be the progenitor of Manipuri pony
[2] Lord Marjing - Lord Marjing Khoikhoiba, a god of the Meitei pantheon who introduced the game of polo to the human world
[3] Lord Ashiba - Another god of the Meitei pantheon who created the Earth
[4] Lord Atiya - The Almighty God, Atiya Shidaba of the Meitei pantheon
[5] Arambai - A flying lethal weapon thrown from horseback
[6] Ava - A kingdom that once existed in upper Burma (Myanmar)

Hada Samaton Ayangba | a performance by Mangka


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